Who We Are

Who We Are

Love is our guiding light…the basis for every single service we provide.

What began in 1988 as an “open room fellowship” eventually morphed into a food and clothing distribution center designed to be a place for the lonely to find friendship, the hungry to find food, and the hurting to find healing.

Today, The Way Station, a 501(c)3 nonprofit, is a staple within the local community for individuals and families in need. Agencies and organizations throughout Columbiana County use The Way Station as a resource for emergency assistance, nutrition, clothing, job training, emotional support, and household items.

Our “Why”

Our “why” is simple: We love. We want YOU to love.

Over the years we have ministered in a variety of ways. We reach out to those in need: first, with a handout — then with a hand up. Always, the purpose of our services is to help individuals break free from the cycle of poverty.

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